Crab & Lobster Festival


We are extremely proud of our fishing heritage. Generations of fisherman have worked their boats from our beaches, braving all weathers to bring home the finest and freshest crabs, lobsters and seasonal fish.

Sheringham Museum

Step inside the stunning galleries and walk amongst Sheringham’s historic fleet of lifeboats and fishing boats. The collection includes a rich variety of photographs, social history items, agriculture and fishing artefacts that span over the last two centuries


Henry Blogg Museum

The museum tells incredible stories of Cromer men putting their lives in danger to rescue strangers from the sea. You will find interviews with crew members, ‘kit’ to try on for yourself, model boats, Morse code practice and more.


Cromer Museum

Cromer Museum houses an amazing fossil collection including Britain’s oldest and most complete mammoth fossil. Admire rare 20th colour photographs that tell the story of a Victorian seaside resort and visit a Victorian fisherman’s cottage.


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