Crab & Lobster Festival

Cookery Theatre

We are most fortunate to have a great variety of restaurants, hotels and food outlets on the North Norfolk Coast.  Local Chefs, cooks and bakers are most proud of their seafood dishes, using the freshest ingredients with great flair and imagination.  Our cookery theatre hosts the best of the best, and over the festival weekend allows them to get you involved while they create their favourite crab and Lobster dishes.

This year's cookery theatre has been put together by Simon Hunter Marsh, in conjuction with @Cookery Live


Cookery Theatre

This year's line up includes;


10.30 Rai and Simon Hunter Marsh

11.15 Mrs Davis crab dressing 

12.15 Jermaine  Red Lion Cromer 

1.15 Mark  White Horse Overstrand 

2.15 Jimmy from No 1 Cromer 

3.15  Jonno Executive Chef Greshams

4.15 finish Rai and Simon Hunter Marsh


10.15  Rai and Simon Hunter Marsh  

11.15  Paul Harvey Cliftonville Hotel

12.15 Andreas and Henrys coffee shop  

1.15  Jonno Executive chef Gresham  

2.15  Jermain  Red Lion Cromer  

3.15 Hot Rocks Cromer  

4.00 Rai and Simon Hunter Marsh to close cookery theatre 2019







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